Pipes for transportation of combustible media are subject to the most severe safety requirements. In order to guarantee best performance during construction and long term services the level of quality and the productivity are continuously increased. After many years of experience with the Filmless-Radiography (FLORAD) for internal process control (detection of typical weld seam defects like slag and pores), EUROPIPE has eventually invested in the digital X-ray inspection technology for the final release. Therewith the classic X-ray film has been replaced, the environmental impact due to chemicals reduced and the complete NDT process enhanced. By the availability of safe digital images via computer network it became in addition much easier for third party inspectors to monitor the release process. Furthermore the use of a professional data storage system guarantees a safe and traceable long term archival storage with a quick access to all data within minutes. The new installation consists of two separate X-ray chambers. In each chamber two digital detector arrays (DDA) and two X-ray tubes are installed to inspect the weld seam at the pipe ends and areas having indications from the automated ultrasonic testing. EUROPIPE is the first company which has implemented this technology in a highly automated serial production of large diameter pipes.

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