Soil-pipe interactions when large ground movements occur are an important consideration in pipeline design, route selection, guide monitoring and reduce the risk of damage or failure. Large ground movement can be caused by slope failures, faulting, landslides and seismic activities. Such conditions induce large deformations of both the soil and pipe. Analyses of such behavior pose a significant challenge to capabilities of standard finite elements as the capability to analyze large deformations is required. This requirement is difficult to meet for Lagrangian-based code. New developments using ALE methods make it possible to determine soil and pipe deformation confidently for large displacements. This paper describes a study performed to investigate the mechanical behavior of a pipeline subjected to large soil movement. A 3D continuum modeling using an ALE (Arbitrary Eulerian Lagrangian) formulation was developed and run using LS-DYNA. The results are compared with published experimental data of large-scale test to verify the numerical analysis method. The analysis is further extended to analyze the soil-pipe interaction under permanent ground deformation such as those associated with surface fault rupture and landslides.

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