In the paper, the significant progress of pipeline integrity assessment for oil and gas pipeline in China was expounded. The pipeline integrity assessment for oil and gas pipeline can be categorized as three aspects: the safety assessment of geological disaster, the integrity assessment for defect containing pipeline, and the effective protective life prediction for protection coating layer. The pipeline integrity assessment technology can be further categorized as remaining strength assessment and remaining life prediction for defect containing pipeline. The defects can be classified as five types for remaining strength assessment and three groups for remaining life prediction. Up to now, we have carried out integrity assessment for over twenty in-service oil and gas pipelines. In the near future, we should focus a certain extent of attention to the geological disaster assessment and effective protection life prediction for coating layer. In the paper, three typical strength remaining models and three service life prediction methods were also introduced briefly. The recent research status quo in China was also reviewed for soil induced stress corrosion cracking and some new interesting phenomena was also reported here. Finally, one typical application example was introduced, that fully accounted for the importance of safety assessment of oil and gas pipeline.

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