The objective of this study was to evaluate the performance of two corrosion inhibitors (CI-A and CI-B) under conditions similar to the second PTT’s offshore pipeline. The experiments were carried out in flow-loop system, 36 m long, 10.16 cm diameter at 10.5 and 14 bar of carbon dioxide pressure, a temperature at 50°C. The performances of corrosion inhibitors were examined under conditions of superficial liquid velocity of 0.03 m/s and gas velocities of 6, 8 and 10 m/s in 0 and 3 degree inclinations using the ER probe and X65 weight-loss coupons for corrosion rate measurement at the top and bottom of pipe. According to flow characteristics, it was found that the smooth and wavy stratified flow occurred in 0 degree. For 3 degree inclination, wavy stratified flow with big waves was dominantly presented for all conditions. Corrosion inhibitor B showed a better performance than inhibitor A in all cases. For inhibitor B, the target corrosion rates of less than 0.1 mm/yr were achieved in all conditions with 50 ppm of inhibitor concentration whereas the amount of 75 ppm inhibitor concentration was required for CI-A. The color, turbidity, and emulsion tendency with corrosion inhibitors will be also discussed in this paper.

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