Enbridge’s current major expansion called “Southern Access” is a 42 liquid crude oil pipeline running 321 miles from Superior, WI to Delavan, WI in 2008 and continuing another 133 miles to Flanagan, IL in 2009. As part of the goal to achieve and maintain a high quality pipeline system, an automated batch pig system was required to remotely launch the batch pigs, operated from the Control Center in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The project team has designed and developed a unique batch pig system that allows the loading and unloading of multiple pigs. The 42 pigs can be remotely launched or received one at a time without having to open the pig launcher or receiver to atmosphere. These facilities allow pigs to be launched remotely, separating the various crude types being transported. The launcher and receiver have been designed to accommodate remote launching or receiving up to 4 pigs without having to open the traps. The facilities are designed for quick loading and unloading of the launcher and receiver to reduce the time the trap is open and reduce labor requirements. The receiving facilities incorporate pig washers and a pig maintenance shop to service the pigs as they are received. Specialized material handling equipment has been engineered to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of the pigs used for this operation. The launcher and receiver barrels can also be utilized for routine cleaning and inspection operations. This paper discusses the key features and challenges of the design and construction of the batch pig systems implemented for the new 42 liquids pipeline. Of particular interest are the practical requirements included in the design for operation of the facilities in a safe and efficient manner.

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