In order to guarantee future supplies, PETROBRAS is deploying the Gas Production Anticipation Plan – PLANGAS which will increase domestic gas supply to the South-South East regions. Mexilha˜o Field is considered strategically for the Brazilian market gas supply chain, as it is one of the five production complexes to be installed at Santos Basin and have production forecast for up to 15 million m3 of gas per day and twenty thousand barrels per day of natural gas condensate. Mexilha˜o platform - PMXL-1 will be installed at 172 meters water, will export the gas production through 34 inches pipeline with 146 kilometers of extension from the off-shore unit up to an on-shore gas treatment facility, called Unidade de Tratamento de Gas Monteiro Lobato - UTGCA at Caraguatatuba, Sa˜o Paulo. The Gas Treatment Plant will have a processing capacity of 15 million m 3 per day of gas on its first stage, and will produce, as end products specified natural gas for consuming, liquefied natural gas (LGN) and the condensates, such as C5+. After processed in the UTGCA, the natural gas will be dispatched through a 26 inches pipeline up to a future Taubate´ Compression Station at Taubate´, SP, to be connected to a main gas pipeline called GASTAU. This 26 pipeline is about 100 kilometers long, from Caraguatatuba to Taubate´. This paper intent to present the implementation of such enterprise, where it is affecting at least three different segments within PETROBRAS. The main challenge will be to integrate different requirements and specifications from those three segments and their supply chain, in ways that the overall figure does not impact the enterprise and the time schedules, requirements and operation wise work. Those three segments E&P, Gas and Energy BU, Transport, will also interact with a fourth player, PETROBRAS Engineering department, responsible to contract the engineering design, construction and assembly of all parts, following each segment standards. The main goal of such work is to achieve a process data real time collection, visualization and operation, coming from different sources as gas pipelines, process operations and measurement, with efficiency and reliability to fulfill each segment requirements in an integrated way that no duplication or waste of money and time occurs.

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