PetroChina owns and operates the largest gas pipeline network in China of more than 10000 km in length, which includes the famous West-East gas pipeline, the first Shannxi-Beijing gas pipeline and the second Shannxi-Beijing gas pipeline etc. As an outstanding feature of the network, its two circuits of pipelines increases the flexibility of gas transmission and the guarantee of gas supply through the network. On the other hand, these two circuits complicate the topological structure, so that it is a challenge to work out an optimal operation scenario for the network. A steady and transient simulation model of the network has been built based on the gas pipeline network simulation software TGNET, and has been tuned by the historical operation data. By means of the model, several winter operation scenarios in 2007 have been simulated. The steady simulations of the network were carried out for the two planed daily flow-rates of West-East gas pipeline respectively, 41 MMSCMD and 45 MMSCMD. Given the steady operation scenarios determined by the steady simulations as the initial conditions, 4 typical short-term peak shaving scenarios in winter high load week have been analyzed, evaluated and optimized with transient simulations. The main difference of those peak shaving scenarios is the flow-rates of West-East gas pipeline and the regulating mode of underground gas storage named Dagang connected to Shanxi-Beijing gas pipeline system. The technologically and economically optimal peak shaving scenario and the optimal control pressure of end stations have been obtained. The research results shows that the actual control pressure of end stations are higher than the optimization results, indicating that the network has the potential of saving energy and reducing spending. These results not only guarantee the safety of gas supply but also reduce the spending of the gas pipeline network, offering an important value of direction for actual operation.

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