Pipeline accidents are usually caused through failures, vandalizations, or other environmental accidents like hurricanes, earthquakes and floods. This paper describes the design of an integrated system for real time monitoring and management of pipeline accidents in land and sea environment. This study focuses on oil, gas and other hazardous spill accidents caused by the pipeline transportation system. Multisensor applications for pipeline failures detection and hazard monitoring can be conducted with appropriate models in GIS and internet based communication infrastructure to provide a solution for real time pipeline accidents contingency planning and emergency response. The system architecture includes several models in GIS environment which support disaster management and decision making through provision of various thematic maps, and a module called command and control which is designed for managing and coordinating pipeline accidents response. Command and control system coordinates all tasks related to the accident emergency response through management and administration office. The structure also includes web based accident data dissemination scheme through internet portal which act as a communication system to connect accident managers in administration office with accident relief and operators on the ground. These new approaches in geomatics applications for pipeline accident emergency response can be implemented in other accidental hazards monitoring and management in the environment.

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