As an effect way to guarantee pipeline safety, pipeline integrity management (PIM) has been paid great attention in oil-gas pipeline industry. In this paper, a pipeline integrity assessment and management software (PIAMS) has been developed to make pipeline integrity management technique to be applied conveniently. PIAMS has been developed with four main modules: database management (DM), anticorrosion system evaluation (ASE), corroded defects evaluation (CDE), and risk assessment (RA). In ASE module, classification evaluation is used to evaluate coating integrity with holiday density, attenuation of inspection current and insulated resistivity coefficient, as well as cathodic protection efficiency with on/off potential in volts. In CDE module, three methods recommended respectively by ASME B31G-91, DNV RP-F101 and PCORRC are used to evaluate residual strength of corroded pipeline. Being the core of PIAMS, RA plays a crucial role in integrity management. According to significant characteristics, pipeline is sectioned into segments, each of which should be assessed with scoring system recommended by Pipeline Risk Management Manual. This paper describes the framework, database, functions and application of PIAMS.

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