Southern Natural Gas Company (Southern), an El Paso Company, used BioMonitors to ensure full environmental compliance with the regulatory conditions associated with the construction of the Cypress Pipeline Project. The 167-mile Cypress Pipeline originates near Savannah, Georgia, and terminates west of Jacksonville, Florida. In preparation for construction of this project, Southern engaged in extensive consultation and negotiation with numerous federal, state, and local regulatory agencies. It became apparent during the consultation process that Southern would need a highly skilled biologist on-site during construction to fulfill the onerous conditions required by these agencies. Furthermore, specific state water quality permit conditions contained frequent sampling and reporting requirements that required specially-certified personnel. For these reasons, Southern used two BioMonitors (qualified on-site biologists with construction expertise) during construction who were dedicated to uphold the specialized environmental compliance program for the project. Herein, we illustrate this creative method for successfully negotiating contentious environmental issues and fully complying with the specialized environmental compliance conditions that frequently stem from sensitive agency consultation and intricate permit stipulations.

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