The Strategic Data and Information Management (GEDI, as per Portuguese initials) in PETROBRAS (Brazilian oil company - Gas & Power Business Unit), has as its main process to turn available the most correct and updated information to the related user, using the adequate means to access and capture of data, coming from a variety of sources, in order to add strategic value to business. The SCADA system (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) integrates the facilities of thermo electrical plant and pipeline with the field, including operational stations, measurements and energy deliveries. The Geographical Information Systems (GIS) allows the use of maps to visualize the geopolitics aspects, gas pipeline infrastructure and satellite images. The historical data systems has as its requirements, the interface among many SCADA systems, through the tracking of historical data, common process variables real time data (flow, pressure, temperature, etc.) and KPI’s visualization (typical performance indicators of energy systems such as unavailability, generation efficiency, distribution, etc.). Based on the business systemic vision, the Real-Time Enterprise Architecture (real time data integration and performance indicators based on the GIS software platform ) was developed for PETROBRAS, Gas & Power Business Unit (GPBU) enterprise scenario. The present work has its focus in the real time visualization of integrated data, coming from gas pipelines and thermo electrical plants GIS infra-structure, guaranteeing the integrity, the audit trail of information and a proactive vision for the GPBU management.

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