The MOL Group consists of refining and petrochemical companies from Hungary and Slovakia and with 2700 Km of pipeline, owns 11.4% of the European pipeline network. In 2002 the company began the replacement of the old SCADA pipeline operational management system and its wire based communication system. The new system utilizes intelligent field devices, redundant GPRS communication technology, and Intranet technology for visualization and control. The new system maintains all of the advantages of a traditional SCADA system. However, it applies key features which take it beyond the definition of a SCADA system, and thus has been given the name DIWICON (Distributed Intelligence Wireless Control). These additional features include central server based software, platform independent workstation access, unlimited number of users, no user based license fees, accessible from the field, easy expandability, and yet, it retains the standardized, modular, secure and functional nature offered by SCADA.

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