Reliability, sensitivity and detecting time under practical operational conditions are the most important parameters of a leak detection system. With the development of hardware and software, more and more pipelines are installed with advanced SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system, so the compatibility of the leak detection system with SCADA system is also becoming important today. Pipeline leakage generates a sudden change in the pipeline pressure and flow. The paper introduces leak detecting methods according to the pipeline pressure wave change. In order to improve the compatibility of the leak detecting system, “OPC (Ole for process Control)” technology is used for obtaining the pressure signals from the distributed data collection system. Special focus is given on analysis of the pressure signals. It is successful to denoise the signals by means of wavelet scale shrinkage, and to capture the leak time tag using wavelet transform modulus maximum for locating the leak position accurately. A leak detecting system is established based on SCADA system. Tests and practical applications show that it locates leak position precisely. Good performance is obtained on both crude oil pipeline and product pipeline.

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