ROSEN have developed together with MACAW Engineering Ltd. a Risk Assessment Tool that can be applied to both piggable and un-piggable pipelines. The Risk Model is structured to answer three basic questions relating to pipeline integrity: • What threats are active on the pipeline? • Will the active threats result in a leak or a rupture? • What is the company liability (cost) in the event of a failure? The risk assessment criteria on which the model is based are taken from codes and technical papers that have become accepted as industry norms. The Risk Model itself is semi-quantitative and is based on input data that operators should have for all pipelines. The results of the risk assessment provide an objective identification of active threats to pipeline integrity and a first level benchmarking of the operators procedures with regards to industry best practice. The paper will present the fast and robust Risk Assessment Approach and illustrate it’s application by different examples as it was used to identify and prioritize active threats mechanism to optimize maintenance expenditures for effective preservation of pipeline integrity.

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