A common problem for pipeline operators is the choice of the most suitable repair technique for a given defect found on an operating pipeline. Several permanent repair techniques may be available. However, each repair method is characterized by its specific application range, and the choice of the most suitable ones is not always intuitive. In order to support decision made by operational teams confronted with such an alternative, Gaz de France R&D Division has developed an integrated software, PipeRep, aimed to provide an immediate answer. Through the input of pipeline and defect characteristics, the reparability of the defect is assessed, and the software indicates which techniques are suitable or not for the planned repair. In addition, a distinction is made during the assessment of the repair between burst and fatigue strength, the software indicating whether a repair can be considered as permanent, or temporary. The PipeRep software provides an efficient support for the choice of the most suitable repair technique, and is periodically updated regarding repair procedures adaptation and repair techniques technical progress.

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