Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) operates large pipelines system in the State of Kuwait. This pipeline system is comprised of a complex network of high pressure gas, low pressure gas, fuel gas, condensate, crude subsystems as well as water pipelines. A Total Pipeline Integrity Management System (TPIMS) project was initiated in early 2005 to provide KOC with a complete system baseline, integrity management plan and system, and assessments. Periodic re-assessments will be conducted throughout the project life cycle to manage priorities and optimize integrity, repair and maintenance operations. The primary integrity threat of the pipeline system is Internal and External Corrosion, with secondary threats of mechanical damage and Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) to be considered as well. This case study will present the design, implementation and execution of a comprehensive approach to pipeline integrity management. Aspects of data management / analysis, integrity (ILI, DA) and risk analysis will be discussed. Kuwait has undergone significant reconstruction since the liberation from Iraqi invasion in 1991 and with mandates to increase production and throughput, system reliability and up-time is essential. KOC is well advanced in the implementation of a TPIMS, a model for the region and worldwide.

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