In succession of a research project to develop an EMAT in-line inspection technology for the detection of stress corrosion cracking (SCC) and disbonded coating, a 16” EMAT inspection tool was manufactured and tested. This 16” EMAT Crack Detection (ECD) Tool establishes a new high-resolution approach to effective and accurate crack inspection technology especially for gas lines. The performance of this tool was tested on several pipe samples containing natural SCC as well as artifical anomalies and laminations. Furthermore, a field test is currently being conducted, which will detail the tools performance under operational conditions. The new technology will be compared to the results from the established Magnetic Flux Leakage inspection (MFL) technology. EMAT inspection technology, originally designed for detection of SCC, is also sensitive to areas of disbonded coating, other crack-like features, and anomalies like gouging and channeling. To distinguish the different types of pipeline threats, a qualitative defect sizing process is under development incorporating the EMAT data and the information from the other in-line inspection technologies. Following an introduction into EMAT guided wave theory, data from a series of full-scale tests obtained with 34” prototype sensors and the complete 16” ILI-EMAT tool, will be presented. The inspection tool itself, as well as the process for evaluating the recorded data, are undergoing continuous improvements. This paper will discuss the development status of these technologies.

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