The compressor is dynamical equipment in pipeline station to deliver oil gas, it’s fault can result big accident such as stopping delivery and producing economic losing, and some fault of compressor are very complex due to the compressor’s complicated structure. Many compressor have carried simple diagnostic system, which can only diagnose normal fault, are not effective for diagnosing complex fault because these fault attributes are not obvious. This paper has researched the method to diagnose complex fault, by collecting the compressor’s vibration signals, using wavelet noise reduction technique and the fractal dimension method to process the vibration signal, which can abstract the non-obvious characteristics of complex fault effectively. The basic principle of fractal method applied in fault diagnosis is described. The result implies that the fractal dimension of good compressor is 4.4, and the fractal dimension of faulty compressor is 5.36, and fractal dimension of compressor with complex faults is 5.42. It is illustrated that this method is very effective for describing the fault features and diagnosing the complex fault of complex. This method can diagnose and predict the complex fault with a high correctness, and has been used in the Shanxi-Beijing pipeline station successfully, Which provide a good tool for pipeline’s Safety and Integrity Management.

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