This paper presents a case study of BP’s Mardi Gras Gulf of Mexico deep water pipeline transportation system. The Mardi Gras Transportation System (MGTS), operated by BP Pipelines, N.A. has set the standard for large diameter, deepwater pipeline design, construction and maintenance. The pipelines range in size from NPS 16 to NPS 30 in water depths up to 7,300 ft. The paper showcases the ArcGIS and PODS relational database management tools and the process of how we implemented programs to track underwater facility features and their displacements caused by the 2005 hurricane season. We will describe the challenges, solutions and new technology used to monitor and maintain the integrity of this pipeline system, even when covered by 5000 feet or more of water. Submarine (ROV) inspection technology, digital video and GPS are the order of the day. We shall demonstrate how GIS can assist in managing and reporting the results of the inspections and setup a database for long term managment of the pipeline system.

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