PetroChina’s West to East Natural Gas Pipeline Project (WEPP) has been under construction since October of 2001. Upon completion, construction will be completed on the following major facilities: 3,800 km of 1,016 mm mainline; 294 km of 813 mm, 508 mm, and 406 mm lateral lines; Dual fiber optic conduits with the mainline pipeline; 1,100 km of access roads; 23 metering stations; 18 pigging stations; 10 compressor stations; 16 mountain tunnels; 16 aerial crossings; 41 mainline and 18 lateral line HDDs; 1 crossing of the Yangtze River (a 4.4 m concrete lined tunnel); 3 crossings of the Yellow River (pipe jacking, tunnel and aerial methods); gas control center and SCADA system. This paper covers topics including construction management; engineering, procurement, and construction; major construction challenges; and, business in China.

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