The integrity management of an extensive pipeline mesh requests the acquisition, transmission, storage, analysis and control of a great amount of data. Guarantee the quality of the data in each one of those stages is of extreme importance in the execution of an effective decision process. Among several fields or disciplines that are related to the structural integrity of on-shore pipelines, the Geotechnics is receiving the right importance. More and more a buried pipeline has been considered as a geotechnical work, once the interaction of the foundation soil with the pipes has been demonstrating to be an important phenomenon to be monitored, with the objective of maintaining acceptable levels of strain and stress in the pipe. Therefore, the whole process of reading the geotechnical instrumentation installed in the piperoute domain has a great impact on the management of the pipeline integrity. As examples of that instrumentation we have: inclinometers, piezometers, strain-gages, etc. This work presents the information system and the methodology that were implanted by TRANSPETRO in the data management of its geotechnical instrumentation and that was named GeoRisco System. The GeoRisco System almost embraces all the stages of the monitoring process where geotechnical instrumentation exists. The monitoring process begins with the standardization of the readings supply. For this purpose, a program was created to generate XML files that facilitate the transmission and sharing of data on the Web. To store the readings of the field instrumentation it was implemented a database that centralizes these data and can be accessed in all the units of the Company. In order to facilitate for the technicians the analysis of these data, a computer program was created, where several types of graphs and spreadsheets were implemented for each instrument type. Finally, a program was developed to alert for critical changes in the measured variables that were selected to control the pipelines safety.

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