Canspec’s Pipeline Integrity Group typically collects data on more than 500 dig sites annually, which includes analyzing and maintaining thousands of records for each major client. Additionally, Canspec also provides time sensitive information and guidance to its clientele related to repairs, pipe replacement, and collaborative pipeline integrity research. In order to improve data management and decrease reporting time on this large volume of data, Canspec initiated a short-term pilot project in collaboration with Bridge Solutions to develop an internet-based portal program called EKP3.0. The web portal is a fast and efficient way to create a secure customized search engine and web directory for complete data management, which is also accessible to the large number of field crews performing this work. Since implementation in April 2003, the EKP3.0 software has reduced overall reporting time by more than 35%. Due to the overwhelming success of the short-term pilot project, Canspec has adopted this software as a long-term solution for ongoing data management. This paper will compare previous data collection, delivery, and reporting practices with the current internet-based EKP3.0 software process. It will also elaborate on future plans to design an XML (Extensible Markup Language) data transfer format, which will reduce the labour-intensive peer review process, automate the customization of final reports delivered to the client, and create a rules-based field data collection application.

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