An experimental program sponsored jointly by SNAM Rete Gas, Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. and TransCanada Pipelines Ltd. was conducted on cold bend pipes under combined loading. These tests were designed to study the local buckling behavior and to develop the critical compressive strain criteria for cold bend pipes under combined loading. The test program includes eight full-scale specimens of NPS24 and NPS30 pipes with pipe thickness up to 14.3 mm. The test parameters include different D/t ratios (44, 69, and 93), material grades (X60, X65, and X80), bend angles (1.0 to 1.5 degree/diameter), and operation pressures (0%, 40%, 60%, and 80% of SMYS). In addition to full-scale tests, initial imperfections and residual strains due to cold bend processes were also measured. This paper describes the test specimens, test setup, instrumentation, and test procedures used in the program. A brief discussion of the test results is also covered in the paper.

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