This paper contains the results of an experimental and analytical research program to determine the compressive buckling resistance of large-diameter, spiral-welded linepipe. Buckling resistance is important for pipe intended for service in Arctic, oil and gas pipeline systems, where pipes may be subjected to high bending strains caused by various ground movement events. The experimental work consisted of four full-scale tests of 30-inch (762 mm) diameter pipe subjected to various combinations of internal pressure, axial force and bending. The pipe specimens were fabricated using two material grades (X70 and X80) and two D/t ratios (82 and 48). Finite element analyses of the four tests were conducted to develop a better understanding of specimen behavior. The results suggest that spiral welded linepipe is as good as longitudinally welded line pipe in terms of buckling capacity. The spiral weld seam was in no way detrimental to the pipe performance.

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