The majority of the pipeline system in Brazil has more than 20 years in operation. The economy and demand for hydrocarbons, including natural gas, is growing in Brazil. Nowadays PETROBRAS-TRANSPETRO, Latin America’s largest carrier, is developing services to upgrade and rehabilitate sections of pipelines to provide compatible operational pressures with the actual and future demands for products. Services include pigging to check the pipe wall thickness, corrosion section replacement, evaluation of the class locations during the operation life of the pipeline, upgrading wall thickness where necessary and installation of new block valves. This is a case study of a 424 km pipeline in northeastern Brazil that crosses 32 municipal districts and supplies 180 direct consumers. The work included 37 replacements and upgrades that were completed in 36 days without affecting consumers. In Brazil, PETROBRAS-TRANSPETRO provides high investments for the rehabilitation of its pipelines, in order to guarantee the integrity and to increase the flow capacity. It is an important market that opens up in Latin America for engineering, construction and specialized inspection services companies.

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