Managing pipeline by implementing Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM) for both onshore and offshore pipeline now has been done by several operators because they had realized its benefit. Especially for offshore / submarine pipeline we have not yet found an appropriate guideline / recommended practice which can assist us to develop PIM system. After evaluating some guideline we were surprised by ASME B31.8S a PIM standard addressed for onshore pipeline, but we think this standard can be adopted and applied for submarine pipeline. According to our opinion this standard contains technical and non technical aspect, a structured methodology which can assist operator to develop PIM comprehensively. We bring our case of developing PIM for submarine pipeline using ASME B31.8-S, starting from data gathering, identification potential hazard, risk assessment, survey, engineering analysis and the result is rectification program as first priority for our inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR). Based on our experience, this standard is suitable for us when developing PIM program and conducting remedial work as part of IMR program although some notes are being taken.

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