The measurement guidelines of Transportadora Brasileira Gasoduto Boli´via-Brasil – TBG, are intended to be ever-assisting to the client’s needs and in line with natural gas market changes. In five years of corporative organization TBG has been familiar with the legislation of regulatory agencies as well as the institution of the contract inspector, which are important benchmarks in market progress. This paper presents the definitions that routed TBG’s metrological course of action, which aims at satisfying its own needs plus the needs of its clients, as well as complying with the legislation requirements by using suitable tools in the response to each specific demand. The work embodies the calibration procedures, the qualification of suppliers, the upkeep of metrological reliability, daily totalization of the delivered volumes, failure treatment, as well as monitoring of unaccounted for gas and control thereof, all in line with the precise limits as accepted abroad.

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