In 2001 was installed the first ALDS-Acoustic Leak Detection System in Brazil, in a multiphase (slug) production pipeline (crude oil + gas + water) in the middle the rain forest. This Leak Detection System was approved and gained confidence from the pipeline community in this country. After this, many other Acoustic Systems were installed in other multiphase pipelines, single phase as crude oil and natural gas and Naphtha, in buried and submarine pipelines. The confidence against false alarms made many pipelines operators to request the Acoustic Technology for their pipelines protection. Also, the ALDS has high sensitivity, detecting small holes. Very important consideration also deserves the leak detection speed; due the acoustic technology, the ALDS alarms the leak in seconds! This action made possible to shutdown pumps avoiding big disasters. The ALDS is also able to locate the leak, with precision of meters, even in buried or submarine pipelines. Brazil has one of the strongest laws to protect the environment (9605, from February 13th, 1998) in the word and requires leak detection system to protect any pipeline before the government approval. The ALDS is being systematically required as the most effective leak detection system.

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