This article defines a very cheap alternative for acquisition of chromatograph signals and/or custody measurements in the process plants of oil and gas pipelines. The devices possess standards and diverse communication ports, demanding a modular architecture to acquire the values of the devices and provide the signals by Web/Intranet, using corporative network, dial-up PSTN line, leased line or cellular phone. This solution is applicable to sets of field devices that need to collect data in real time or in periods of time pre-configured and provide the information for visualization by a browser, load in a database or monitor the devices remotely by the supervision central. The architecture has the following characteristics: • Modularity; • Conversion of the out signal of the devices into standard Ethernet; • The Modbus-rtu is a network protocol; • Provide the signals by Web/Intranet; • Visualization of the signals in Browser; • Historical register of the data read in web Server devices; • Operational environment Windows 2000, Windows CE; • Configuration of the time of frequency of the equipments signals; • Allow integration with supervisory system; • Allow integration with corporative Data Base. To validate the architecture, we made tests in a Pilot Project, carried through in a PETROBRAS receiving station of Natural Gas, using the hardware and software components described in the article.

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