It is a difficult task for pipeline operators to operate a long-distance complicated multi-product pipeline optimally, safely and efficiently. The off-line optimization simulation software for multi-product pipeline can assist to solve the problem rapidly and efficiently. Considering the operating characteristics of a complex multi-product pipeline with a variety of equipment configurations and demands for products along the pipeline, etc, the mathematical model for optimizing operations of multi-product pipeline was established, following the optimization theory, which is solved via the Dynamic Programming. In the model, the peak-to-valley ratio of electricity price is also taken into account. Almost all the governments make the policy of peak-to-valley electricity price to encourage users to consume more electricity during the valley load of electrical network. In China, the peak-to-valley ratio of electricity price is 3:1 generally, so the pipeline companies can obtain great profits via reasonable transportation plan. Based on the study, the “STROBER” software has been developed, which can support users to schedule and verify the off-take plans and control plans of the inlet pressure of pressure-reducing station, to propose the optimal pump configuration and to provide the optimization operation cost results. Input data and calculated results can be presented in kinds of forms users are accustomed to. The simulation software has been successfully applied to “LanZhou-ChengDu-ChongQing” multi-product pipeline, the most complicated one in China so far, including 13 off-take stations, 2 pressure-reducing stations and 4 pumping stations. The software simulates the operations on LanZhou-ChengDu-ChongQing multi-product pipeline, and provides the off-take plans and control project of pressures in the pipeline system, thus contributing to operators’ routine work. The feedback from the field indicates that it’s reliable for prediction and instruction.

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