The ductile cracking behavior of girth weld joints, in X80 and X100 grade linepipe, was investigated using single edge notched (SENT) specimens, notched round bar (NRB) specimens and wide plate (WP) specimens. FE analyses were carried out to evaluate critical conditions for ductile cracking at the notch tip. The effect of Y/T ratio of base material on ductile cracking for welded joints was also studied. Ductile cracking from the notch tip in WP specimens can be estimated by using the critical equivalent plastic strain, which can be obtained from SENT or NRB specimens. In addition, a simplified prediction method for ductile cracking by using effective opening displacement was proposed and its validity demonstrated by comparison to the equivalent plastic strain at the notch tip. With respect to the influence of material properties on ductile cracking behavior, deformability of joint to ductile cracking was enhanced by reduction of Y/T ratio of base material. Based on the experimental results and FE analyses, pipe design to prevent ductile cracking from surface flaws under large deformation was discussed.

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