The guidelines and recommendations for fracture toughness testing of pipeline girth welds outlined in CSA Z662-03, Annex K are reviewed in this work. In Annex K of CSA Z662-03, the specimen type and notch location have been grouped into four categories and the CTOD tests are to be carried out in accordance with either BSI Standard 7448 or ASTM Standard E 1290. In the present study, CTOD tests have been conducted on a manual shielded-metal-arc weld (SMAW) that was prepared in a high strength X80 pipeline steel. The experimental results obtained by applying the two testing standards are compared. The focus was to identify the differences between these two standards that may significantly affect the test results, such as the requirements for straightness of the fatigue crack, and the equations and parameters used for evaluation of CTOD. Some additional factors affecting the testing, such as selection of test specimen location and procedures for targeting specific weldment microstructures as well as the application of local compression, are also discussed. The variation of strength and toughness with clock position around the circumference of the girth welds has also been studied.

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