It is assumed that active internal corrosion will eventually develop into through wall defects, if not mitigated. An ongoing long-term test is being performed to determine if the technology associated with the “Steel Compression Reinforcement Repair Sleeve” (Petrosleeve) is applicable for repairing active internal corrosion. In January 2002, four anomalies were manufactured into a section of NPS 20 (508mm) pipe to simulate through-wall defects. A steel compression reinforcement sleeve was installed using the standard installation procedure. The pipe section was pressurized with hydraulic fluid and instrumentation installed to record pressure and temperature at selected intervals. To date, no hydrocarbon leakage has been noted. Manual pressure release and thermal variance has resulted in pressure variance from nil to 6,728 kPa. The average internal pressure has been in the range of 5,500 kPa. This paper reviews the technology, testing procedure, and results of the application. The test is ongoing and is planned to continue for an extended period of time (ie. long-term test).

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