The Cactus-San Fernando gas pipeline system was constructed between 1977–79 in 42 and 48-inch diameter pipe. The pipeline extends for a total length of 650 km in 10 piggable sections. This paper details the work conducted to allow the pipeline to be re-validated to its original design pressure. The overall aim of the project was to demonstrate the future integrity of the pipeline system. The scope of the study was extensive and required innovative project management techniques. It encompassed caliper inspections and high-resolution magnetic inspection, the provision of global positioning surveys (GPS), Pipeline Integrity Assessment including repair schedules, future corrosion prevention and reinspection strategy and pipeline rehabilitation including non-destructive examination (NDE), material testing and repairs. The whole process was reviewed and ratified by an approved Certifying Company who issued a Certificate of Mechanical Integrity, valid for a fixed period of 2 1/2 years.

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