In January, 2003, Enbridge Midcoast Energy, L.P., a subsidiary of Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P., implemented a comprehensive direct assessment development and validation project for its Natural Gas Business segment; a project intended to demonstrate the validity of External Corrosion and Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA and ICDA). The work began in January 2003 and was concluded in June 2003. The primary goal of the project was to demonstrate that External Corrosion Direct Assessment and Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment as performed in compliance with the NACE and INGAA methodologies could be used to effectively verify and manage the integrity of non-piggable and non-interruptible natural gas pipeline segments. The programs were validated by in-line inspection (ILI) using high-resolution magnetic flux leakage tools and field verification digs. The objective of the project was to receive approval from the Texas Railroad Commission to use direct assessment (“DA”), where demonstrated to be appropriate, for integrity verification and management of pipeline systems that are not verifiable through other approved means. The Enbridge DA Validation Project was successfully completed and is considered to be one of the leading DA validation projects undertaken to date in the U.S. A total of 12,000 manhours and over $1MM was expended in performing the pre-assessment to identify a candidate pipeline, develop detailed procedures for DA execution and implementation, perform indirect surveys, modify pipe and complete cleaning pig runs, gauge pig runs, dummy pig runs, intelligent pig runs, perform detailed direct examinations and perform detailed analysis of the results including the preparation of the final report. This paper is intended to describe the steps that Enbridge took in validating DA.

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