Based on cylindrical guided wave technology, a new designed piezoelectric ring was presented here and it was put on the cross section of the hollow sucker rod’s end to excite or receive guided waves in the hollow sucker rod. By selecting and exciting specific guided mode at a given frequency, two artificial cracks (20 mm × 1 mm × 0.5 mm and 20 mm × 1mm × 1mm), which located on the hollow sucker rod, can be found in time domain. Tie-ins in the hollow sucker rod increase the complexity of analyzing the received signals. An alternative method presented here is that a fast guide mode was selected and excited at a specific frequency. Then, the echo from cracks will appear the front of the echo from tie-ins of the hollow sucker rod in the received signals. Some conclusions proved that the new designed piezoelectric ring was more effective than previous piezoelectric transducers and it is feasible to utilize cylindrical guided wave to achieve nondestructive inspection on hollow sucker rod.

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