Trapil is Europe’s leading refined product pipeline operator, with approximately 4,700 kilometers of pipeline in three networks in France. The Le Havre-Paris network has a number of dual-diameter 10” and 123/4” seamless lines in the Paris region. Built in the 1950s and 1960s, they are now located in heavily-populated areas where excavation to assess defects or perform repairs is difficult. Best in-line inspection practice for this type of line recommends the use of ultrasonic tools because of their depth-sizing accuracy and detection capabilities. The need for a dual-diameter, high-resolution ultrasonic tool to survey six 10”–123/4” lines prompted Trapil to develop its own tool offering a variety of benefits, such as using the RSTRENG effective area method to perform fitness-for-purpose calculations prior to excavation and determining the shape of dents.

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