The world production capacity on large-diameter welded pipe amounts to more than 12 million tons per year 20–25% are produced as spiral sub-arc welded (SAW) pipes, with the balance of 75–80% being longitudinal SAW pipes (from plates). For most spiral-weld producers, a sizeable portion of line pipe is for water transportation, rather than hydrocarbon. In the past, the relative structural weakness of spiral-welded pipe, due to larger welded area, limited the growth of its use in the oil industry. With the development of more advanced production technology, the acceptance of spiral-welded pipes in the oil and gas industry has increased significantly. In this paper, the principals of the spiral manufacturing technology from coil by the two-step-method are introduced and the innovations of Corinth Pipework’s production facility are outlined in detail, including the sophisticated NDT techniques and the Quality Management System.

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