Numerous industry studies have characterized mechanical damage to be the pipeline industry’s largest single hazard. A proactive approach to preventing incidents due to mechanical damage is desirable. A process combining high-resolution satellite imagery with geomatic technologies such as GIS and image analyses is in the process of being demonstrated to be able to detect, georeference and characterize potentially injurious encroaching activities that may cause mechanical damage. The intrinsic advantages of a satellite imagery-enabled process include the high revisit frequencies (in comparison to typically used aerial patrol frequencies), the wider swath width of monitoring and the analysis -friendly digital nature of the imagery. The successful implementation of such a process will contribute to averting incidents in the many cases where One-call (Call before you dig) systems are not notified. In addition, as a by-product of the process, this service could assist in continuously surveying the right-of-way. Working with leading North American pipeline operators, via+ is developing and bringing to market commercial delivery models of this process. The elements of the process and the technologies current and anticipated capabilities are presented. Sample results of the process implementation are also presented.

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