Geometric inspections are frequently performed during the construction and operation of pipelines of 6 to 40-inch diameter to detect dents and ovalizations that affect the pipe structural integrity, favor pipe corrosion, and hinder the use of magnetic inspection tools. However, no inspection pigs for pipelines of less than 4-inch diameter were available in the worldwide market. The great demand for such a specific inspection tools lead the Brazilian company PIPEWAY to developed a geometric pig capable of running 3-inch diameter pipes. PIPEWAY 3-inch Geometric Pig built in microprocessor and software allow graphic visualization and analysis, describing the inspecting operations and results. The 3-inch Geometric Pig is composed of several modules loaded with the sensors, the controller, the mass memory (that stores pig run data), the battery pack, and the odometer. What makes such pig a special tool is the deep integration of advanced technology with mechanics.

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