PODS the Pipeline Open Data Standard (ISAT 2.0) is a new data model that has been developed by a group of application developers, with the support of GTI (formerly Gas Research Institute). The presentation will consist of two parts. The first will present the business case for PODS and the PODS Association. The second part will describe technical aspects of the data model. The purpose of PODS is to promote a database standard in the pipeline industry so companies can avoid custom data designs and applications, costly data migration, and reduce development risk. Vendors benefit by developing applications and processes that can be shared by different customers. This paper will give an overview of the business case for industry and vendor participants to use PODS. To manage the PODS data model, a new PODS Association has been formed which will oversee the continued development of the model and extensions through focused working groups comprised of industry and vendor members. This presentation will describe the purpose and operation of the PODS Association. Finally, this presentation will focus on the PODS data model itself and the important concepts. The focus will be on some of the core data model tables, how ESRI users can easily use the model, and future directions.

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