Gas Compressor Station design, procurement, construction and commissioning normally takes well over 12 months. Earth Tech recently redesigned, procured, rebuilt and commissioned in 5 months, a new 14 MW/19,000 HP turbine driven gas compressor station near Red Bluff – California. This was a fast paced EPCM project. The previous Turbine driven Gas Compressor Station was damaged beyond repair in an oil fire on November 6th, 2001. A new Station, with bigger capacity using state of the art technology, was to be employed. The Construction Team was able to complete the onsite demolition through to commissioning in just over 3 months. This urgency was necessary to meet the client’s anticipated summer loads. The project was staffed around the clock for much of this 3-month period. Even with the intense manpower loading and the simultaneous presence of 4 subcontractors, this project was able to keep its stellar safety record — resulting in no injuries. It was very much a team effort with relentless dedication and planning utilizing the vast knowledge and experience of all parties involved. Key challenges for all parties were to maintain schedule while not sacrificing safety, quality or scope. These challenges were amicably and professionally managed. The client’s standards and specifications were met or exceeded in all cases.

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