Automatic controls have been used on all types of machinery since the first complicated machines became popular in the 19th century. Controls are used to maintain pressures, temperatures, operating speeds, flows and many other operating parameters. Natural gas engines have used a variety of controls for various purposes since the first natural gas engines were produced. This paper will discuss the history of mechanical controls used on natural gas engines and the introduction and application of electronic controls. The paper will discuss open loop (mapping) and closed loop (feedback) type controls and common applications of each. Mechanical control systems such as governors, fuel regulators, fuel mixing valves, thermostats, and turbocharger wastegates will be discussed and classified as open or closed loop controls. Electronic control systems such as governors, air/fuel ratio controls, detonation controls, and turbocharger controls will also be discussed and classified. This paper will also discuss state of the art controls which perform numerous functions to get desired performance, and can be communicated with remotely.

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