This paper describes pipeline compressor stations which are remotely monitored, operated and controlled from a central control station in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is a result of TBG’s experience in design, construction and operation of compressor stations that are built for unattended operation. Only a small maintenance crew is necessary for routine tasks during normal working hours. In this connection, a complete set of resources has been implemented in order to ensure the required reliability level. This includes monitoring instruments (not only for the turbo compressors but also for all plant auxiliaries), redundant systems and protections, together with automatic control system for each of the relevant station components. Equipment status signals as well as alarm & trip signals are exchanged via a SCADA system with the Control and Supervision Center, CSC, in Rio de Janeiro. In addition, the CSC is capable of performing all relevant control actions such as start / stop compressor units and station auxiliaries, also remotely setting the station pressure and flow control points. The paper describes also the architecture and configuration of the supervisory and control functions which are performed by means of a SCADA system, along with the pipeline telecommunications system.

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