Govt. of India in association with Oil & Gas Sector industry exclusively developing the pipeline network in various part of the country to cater the requirement of demand centers /industries, as India is considered as developing country and having tremendous opportunities for the pipeline transportation sector.

There are different type of challenges in route planning and finalization of optimum, safe and constructible pipeline route which includes challenges like rugged terrain, landslide, steep sloping ground, extreme weather condition like flash flood, snow fall, intense summer, environmental sensitivity, major development etc., wherein normal survey procedure does not applicable. Therefore, it is recommended to use latest modern technology of survey i.e. 3D Modelling Survey using 0.3m/0.4m High Resolution Stereo Satellite Image followed by developing up-to-date GIS Base map using Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and GIS Database with the help of rapid field validation and ortho-rectifications through photogrammetry process.

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