There are some issues and concerns that need urgent attention. Chief among these are delays in securing multiple clearances, lack of well-defined market potential, entry barriers, deficient pipeline connectivity and uncertainty regarding domestic gas supply. The challenges during the reward of license revolve around issues affecting project Internal Rate of Return (IRR), project investment rate of return, market exclusivity, gas allocation, gas availability issues, logistic and manpower issues. With the formation of PNGRB, the safety practices and guidelines were looked into and framed. But once allocation process is over and operation is in progress, there are still several challenges that are being faced as:

• Safety Management

• Space Constraint for CNG station facilities

• Queue Management

• GIS for CGD network

• Third party damages

• Coordination with other utility Companies

• Compliance of emission norms

• Equipment Availability

• Customer satisfaction (Services, Metering, billing)

• Threat of alternate energy solutions

• Embrace digital technology in conjunction with analytics intervention.

• Compliance of stringent targets by the ministry.

For IGL, being into the operation at the capital of the nation the major concern with CGD is safety, customer friendly operation and on-time solutions. This paper will discuss in detail the work adopted by IGL to cater the problem of space constraint, queue management and external threats. Apart from this, it also covers the various technologies and automation strategies adopted towards safety system, metering, billing, equipment availability etc.

CGD companies must embrace digital technology in conjunction with analytics intervention to enjoy technology renaissance. It will help in achieving improvements and address issues in PNG, CNG and management of assets, among others. Emphasis will be given to provide a few such initiatives in detail, mentioned above, such as the pilot project going for HCNG plant, SCADA system for online monitoring of equipment, GIS system for pipeline integrity, automation of safety system and customer satisfaction.

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