The Government of India is promoting usage of PNG in cities and metros in big way which has opened up newer opportunities & challenges for the CGD industry especially catering to Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Consumers meeting the existing regulations & statutory provisions. As per the Provisions of Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (Technical Standards and Specifications including Safety Standards for City or Local Natural Gas Distribution Networks) T4S Regulations domestic piping should be in ventilated area. However, currently there is no clear-cut technical guidelines for installation of piping downstream to consumer meter in concealed location and confined spaces. This study suggests guidelines provided in various codes & standards and the practical approaches adopted in various countries for installation of the pipe-work between the Service Regulator (SR) up to and including the steel reinforced rubber hose installed inside the kitchen of the domestic customer, and includes the risers and laterals systems supplying gas to high rise multi occupancy buildings (domestic premises), to facilitate supply of gas to the domestic customers.

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