Quality parameters in petroleum products HSD/SKO/MS are being ascertained on the basis of IS standards and accordingly every OMC produces petroleum product. These products are transferred from refinery to receiving terminals through, rail, road or cross country pipelines. In a particular instance, one of the pipeline fed location in BPCL were continuously getting Haziness in diesel batches.

This location was Kota terminal in Rajasthan state and the scenario was such that receipts taken through their MMBPL pipeline was Hazy in appearance. The hazy batches were required to keep ideal for almost 3–4 days to clear its appearance, however all other parameters were meeting the QC guidelines / IS standards.

The peculiar behavior depicted in HSD batches was only at their end pipeline location (Kota), on other intermediate locations at upstream of Kota location, the same HSD batches were passing the appearance test. The study was undertaken to know the root cause for such phenomenon and on the basis of RCA , corrective action were implemented for altering the manufacturing process of HSD.

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