Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) planned to import liquid Ethane from North American market for use as feedstock in Gas Crackers at Dahej Manufacturing Division (DMD), Hazira Manufacturing Division (HMD) in the state of Gujarat and Nagothane Manufacturing Division (NMD) in the state of Maharashtra. Liquid Ethane was planned to be unloaded at GCPTCL (Gujarat Chemical Port Terminal Company Limited) Jetty and stored in cryogenic tank in DMD. For use in NMD and HMD, it was proposed to transport Ethane via a dedicated pipeline traversing through the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra and deliver at respective gas crackers of HMD and NMD in a direct usage mode as no storage facilities for Ethane were envisaged at delivery locations. Reliance Gas Pipelines Limited (RGPL), a wholly owned subsidiary of RIL implemented the Asia’s 1st liquid Ethane Pipeline project as “Dahej - Nagothane Ethane Pipeline Project” (DNEPL) and successfully commissioned the pipeline in September, 2018. This paper presents the Conceptual Design of the project including selection of phase of transportation, pipeline configuration in terms of pipeline size, no. of pump stations, spacing of main line valves (MLV’s), operating conditions, material of construction and emergency evacuation requirements of Ethane during long haul transportation.

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