City Gas Distribution is one of the most assured businesses in current times as Natural Gas being a clean fuel becomes the first choice of consumers.

Though CGD Network has enormous potential and has evident advantages however, it brings alongwith it’s own challenges but the biggest challenge is the vicinity of CGD Network with common public. A major factor for success of CGD Network depends on the discipline and involvement of common public in keeping CGD Network safe and effective.

This paper intends to discuss on HSE issues with focus on like Single Call system for India, Indian regulations Vs other countries and Quality Assurance.

Single Call system for India is the most important issue of CGD Network that really needs to be deliberated. In India, more than 20 clearances need to be obtained from various statutory and civil authorities before execution of any CGD Network project which really affects the project cost, time, consumer benefits, emergency response and third party damages.

Now let’s consider few international regulations like National Energy Board in Canada which is the nodal agency to ensure CGD pipelines are safe for public and environment. NEB regulations harmonize with provinces to ensure that any third party excavation work within pipeline corridor is carried out only after due communication to the pipeline company.

The 49 US Code 60114 - One Call notification system also mandates that any third party before carrying out any excavation needs to establish if there are underground facilities present in the area of the intended activity and contact appropriate system.

Indian regulations like T4S and ERDMP for CGD Network are indeed bringing all CGD companies at par in terms of design, safety, O&M and Integrity Management System. However, they need to sincerely look into Single Call System alongwith specific issues like interdistances, space constraints in big cities, compressor installation at height.

Quality Assurance involves periodic inspection and maintenance of CGD asset through a systematic plan including identification of critical equipments, Preventive Maintenance Schedules, carrying out maintenance as per the PM, maintaining a database of observations and defects. A key component is the generation of baseline data for implementing and monitoring Integrity Management System for CGD Network.

Hence, as CGD Network is a complex and dynamic distribution system involving public, private industries/commercials, civil authorities and wide geography, it is imperative to have a multi-pronged approach involving strict regulation enforcement, well informed public and latest technologies to ensure safe and efficient CGD Networks.

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